How it works

  1. Register with Wish2Wash by filling up a simple form Click here
  2. Laundries will be selected based on location, size, services, rates and a few other criteria to make sure the best laundries are offered to its customers.
  3. Choose Your Options of service through Wish2Wash (Free Delivery/Self drop/Hot Offer) – all can be selected
  4. Through any of the above selected options, your laundry will be accessible via the Wish2Wash mobile app/website from any part of the world
  5. Customer Books a wash with you.
  6. You provide good service, get good reviews, and get more business.

Service Options Explained

  1. Home Delivery: You receive a message through SMS/ Email/ Push Notification (through our mobile app). Get in touch with the customer to get clearer details of his requirement. Pick up his clothes. Launder them and deliver them back as per a pre agreed time and date.
  2. Self Drop Off: Ok so you don’t have a delivery service, no sweat. Let us send customers to drop their laundry themselves and you offer a discount on the total bill.
  3. Hot Offers: Wish2Wash will come up with exciting offers and schemes based on important dates and events. The scheme/ offer will need to be approved by you so that we send bulk customers to you during that period. These offers could be across multiple laundries OR with just you, in case you want to do something special for your customers on your anniversary, for example. You just agree to the offer and its on us to advertise it.

Subscription Models

  1. Wish2Wash is a subscription based service to ensure that we send you genuine leads and that you are part of an elite group of laundries and not competing with every washer in town.
  2. So we offer you a free trial upon being listed on our app, and once you see how wonderfully this works for you, simply subscribe to one of our many plans depending on how many leads you would want and start getting leads.
  3. The subscription plans will be shared with you upon being listed.