How do i register with Wish2Wash?

Click the link on our homepage / any page which says Register. Fill up a simple form about your Laundry / Dry Cleaning unit and submit it to us. We will review your details and get in touch with you.

What is the selection criteria?

Since we do not want Wish2Wash to be another regular directory listing of Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services, we will select you based on parameters like Location, Size, Age, Pricing, Quality of service, Market reviews, etc.

Do I have to pay anything to Register with Wish2Wash?

NO. Registration is absolutely Free.

When will my account be created?

Account will be created after being selected by satisfying our parameters. Once created you will get a username and password to Login into your account and access your Dashboard. Once created you will have to complete your Profile through your Dashboard.

When will I start getting customer leads?

After Wish2Wash will have signed up a sufficient number of Laundries & Dry Cleaners, we will go Live for the customers to use. Once this happens, you will get Leads / Orders as and when a customer chooses you, for either a Home Delivery or Self Drop Discounts / Hot Offers.

How will Wish2Wash generate customer leads?

Wish2Wash will have various marketing and advertising strategies to generate and increase our customer base. Hence, as this base keeps increasing, the customer Leads will also keep growing.

Do I need a Smartphone or Computer to be part of Wish2Wash?

It will be most advisable to have a smartphone, but as of now not totally necessary. But a computer is certainly required since all our official communication will be sent by email and your 'Dashboard' on our website will be required for you to handle, which can be done only on a computer.

If I have multiple branches, do I need to register all of them individually?

No. Registration is done only once for all your branches. The Branch details can be edited through your Dashboard once your account is created.

What is my Dashboard?

Your Dashboard is the space in your account where all your information is stored. You can edit your details, view all your orders, add / remove branches, top-up your account balance, run various promotions and much more. It is basically your personal space on our Website.